This is a guide on how to play on our server. First of all we will mention the rules. They apply for both here on the website and on the server where applical.

Breaking of these rules are done in a 3 strike bases. 3 warnings and you will be perm banned. Only in severe cases will a instaban be given. Appeals for these bans can be done via the forums. Under no circumstances should you login via another account to the server as this will be taken as ban evading and may result in an IP ban.


How to play

Now to the real business, the server! First you may be wondering is, what is towny? Towny is simular to factions where you build a faction, add players and work together. Towny is simular in that aspect but you build towns.

Our servers Towny settings

Before we get into how to play we first we need to tell you what settings we have set for the server with towny itself.

When you create a town these are the different town levels which are determined by the number of residents you have, the more residents you have in your town the more expensive it will be to keep the town running:

Prefix: Ruins, Residents: 0, Upkeep Price: 100$ / day (24 hours)

Prefix: Settlement, Residents: 1, Upkeep Price: 100$ / day (24 hours)

Prefix: Hamlet, Residents: 2, Upkeep Price: 100$ / day (24 hours)

Prefix: Village, Residents: 4, Upkeep Price: 110$ / day (24 hours)

Prefix: Town, Residents: 6, Upkeep Price: 120$ / day (24 hours)

Prefix: Large Town, Residents: 10, Upkeep Price: 150$ / day (24 hours)

Prefix: City, Residents: 12, Upkeep Price: 200$ / day (24 hours)

Prefix: Large City, Residents: 15, Upkeep Price: 250$ / day (24 hours)

Prefix: Metropolis, Residents: 20, Upkeep Price: 300$ / day (24 hours)

Default town: TeOz (this is a neutral town in a neutral nation which is not involved in town wars)

Price of a Town: 5000$

Price of a Nation: 2500$

Price of an outpost: 2000$

Price to claim a townblock: 25$

Price death by PVP: 15$

Price death in town by PVP: 50$

Towns are public by default when created?: false

Tax: 5.0

Shop Tax: 10.0

Embassy Tax: 10.0

Plot tax: 10.0

Maximum plots per resident: 3

Town limit: 20 (subject to change)

Minimum home plot distance from another town: 50 (50 * 16 = 800 blocks away)

Town block size: 16 (16 x 16 x 255 equiv to one chunk)

PVP: true

Forced PVP: true

Fire spread: false

Block delete on unclaim / town removal: false

Friendly fire: false

Health regen within town: true / every 3 seconds

Allow outposts: true

Mob removal speed from towns: 20 seconds

Delete old residents from a town after: 60 days

Town War:

Nation can be neutral: true

Warflag place price: 150$

Price payed to player for defending an area: 100$

Price payed from the defending town to the attacking flagbearer: 50$

Price payed from the defending town if the homeblock is won: 100$

Towns not in a nation can be attacked: true

Players can only attack town borders: true

If the king dies the nation is removed from the war: true

Block griefing is allowed during a war:  true

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